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2017 hatched baby Hermann & Spur thighs ready now.

 2016 & 2017 hatched Hermann & spur thighs £125 each, 2 for £200

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Buying Tips



Please try to buy your baby tortoises direct from a Genuine Breeder ( some tortoise sellers on the internet are prentending to be breeders ) they will be much healthier. Ask to see the adults if you are in any doubt.

Make sure they come with CITES papers.

Only buy UK captive bred hatchlings & juveniles. Ask to see the CITES papers, the country of origin will be displayed half way down on the right hand side.

If you can manage it, always try to go in person to the breeder and choose your tortoise.

Make sure you have care sheets and do read them.

Listen to what you are told.


image9Don't buy from pet shops and garden centres unless they come highly recomended. Most are selling Slovenian imports which are of very dubious origin and health status.

Dont buy from anyone who says they will deliver to you door unless they are doing it personally. Some internet sellers are getting deliveries made by TNT, Parcel Force, City Link etc. this is done without the carriers knowledge and parcels are thrown around in transit. IT IS NOT ONLY ILLEGAL TO SEND TORTOISES THIS WAY it is not fair on your new tortoise and may lead to it dying. I have even heard of them being posted via Royal Mail!